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Same Sex Marriage is SICK

The Slippery Slope of Same-Sex Marriage
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Homosexuality is Dangerous to Your Health

The Negative Health Effects of Homosexuality

Mon. 16 Dec. 2013.

You need to Choose Your Side

Obviously there's currently much confusion world wide regarding the “merits” of homosexuality. It's GOOD to see the dialogue going on amongst both Christians and non-Christians. But like a debate between the “haves” and “have-nots”, the “educated” and “uneducated”, or the “cultured” and the “primitives”; there's an information and educational divide here that's simply staggering. That is to say, most of the non-Christians have very little idea of the complete Christian message..

Battles are very important, and I'd suggest this one especially is, because of the major ramifications for the health and well-being of the Children of the future, given the associated issues such as same-sex marriage – where it's proposed that many generations of Children in the future should be denied their right to the loving care and upbringing by both their biological parents. That alone is a proposal for CHILD ABUSE on a scale unprecedented in world history. Something that I'd suggest would succeed in making Hitler's best efforts of genocide and murder look positively benign in comparison.

But it's just one of the battles in progress, a single component of the Spiritual WAR that is going on. A war in which non-Christians are but the cannon-fodder, the dupes, the sad victims. Strong words perhaps, but necessary.. Because life isn't fair. It's much more than that. It's a priceless gift. It represents the ability to choose, to decide, and to act. It really is up to each of us to decide for ourselves. We make our choices and WILL suffer our consequences. We can't escape the responsibility for our decisions and actions. So it's vitally important to understand a little about ourselves and our environment. Christianity teaches that we are Spiritual beings, and created beings. In that context, everything really does start to make a lot more sense. Christianity claims that the Bible is the inspired word of GOD, the creator. It's our operations manual, it's going to help if we read it. That's a HUGE claim, almost impossible to even consider. But if it's true, what then?

People are the same, as always. The Scientific wisdom of past ages has brought us “the world is flat”, and similar enlightened beliefs. Many accepted simply what they were taught.. Dumb. Today it's the “Evolution theory”, “Global warming”, to name a couple. Did you swallow all that stuff whole? :). No they're not given, proven, or scientific fact. e.g. The Evolution theory is these days looking completely impossible with recent gains in knowledge about DNA.. the nature of the multiple layers of encrypted data within the DNA design, and the fact that now at least 80% of and probably 100% of the DNA material formally classified as “junk DNA” is in fact purposeful. Considering 98% of the DNA information as unused/redundant (junk) had made the “Evolution theory” a little easier to swallow :). Global warming is a great virtual reality, but sadly it's not OUR reality. Their computer models do predict warming in the future, but those same models are not able to accurately predict what is actually occurring – the models don't work. i.e. wrong. People ARE making Billions of $$ from that though. Power and money DO influence after all.

Personally I believe that as the Bible says, GOD loves us and cares for us, and wants the very best for each of us. His commandments really are for our happiness and well being. We might not understand how or why that could be the case. We need to trust him. I also have faith that God's message, the Bible, is written to be clear to us through the ages. Allowing for the multiple translations and passage of hundreds of years, his message is plain and available to us all.

This debate and dialogue on homosexuality is most definitely a Religious debate. Religious atheists are driving the global push for social acceptance of homosexuality and same-sex marriage. We should be careful to acknowledge the falseness of their claims, such as they were “born that way”, a marriage redefinition would be of “economic benefit”, the change would in fact “enhance the institution of marriage”, that homosexuality is “not a sin”, that children “are not adversely affected”, etc, etc. Don't let yourself be lied to or mislead. It is war, and you need to choose your side.

Thu. 14 Dec. 2013.

ACL welcomes High Court decision on marriage

The Australian Christian Lobby has welcomed the High Court’s decision to reject the ACT’s same-sex marriage laws.

Managing Director Lyle Shelton said the ruling upholds uniformity of marriage laws across the country.

“The ACT’s “marriage” laws were inconsistent with the federal laws and incapable of concurrent operation,” he said.

“This ruling shows it is not the jurisdiction of states to legislate in regards to marriage,” Mr Shelton said.

“It’s important for marriage laws to continue to be administered federally – this is why the Marriage Act was passed in 1961 to have uniform marriage laws,” he said.

“Marriage between a man and a woman is good for society and beneficial for governments to uphold in legislation. It’s about providing a future for the next generation where they can be raised by their biological parents, wherever possible,” he said.

However, Mr Shelton expressed concern for those same-sex couples who thought they were married under the ACT legislation.

“Understandably they will be disappointed at the decision handed down today and it is unfortunate they were put in this position,” Mr Shelton said.

“The debate about changing the definition of marriage has been given a fair go for the past three years with nine parliamentary attempts to change it,” he said.

“Like the republican debate, the public and parliamentarians have had plenty of time to evaluate it and it is now time to move on.”

Australian Christian Lobby

Comment by Michael Weks

It’s good to see the cracks in the SSM lobby’s spin start to appear. To date their attack strategy has been near genius. From the propaganda win that had people believing this change was inevitable – straight out of the warfare strategy used to disillusion the opposition, to the twin attacks of “homophobia” and “equality”. We should remember that “homophobia” was a term coined by the homosexual lobby itself, specifically for propaganda purposes. It is a term of hugely doubtful etymology which seeks to paint the normal aversion people have to homosexuality as a flaw but of course, if people were not, to some degree, naturally “homophobic” then there simply would be no human race. Both this and the similarly false “equality” claim, attempt to redirect the normal view that homosexuality is immoral and paints any opposition whatsoever to their position, as immoral and of course, this simply and absolutely is not true.

We have not reached D-Day yet but if we can now demonstrate the absolute falseness of their other claims, such as they were” born that way”, the marriage redefinition would be of “economic benefit”, the change would in fact “enhance the institution of marriage”, that homosexuality is “not a sin”, that children “are not adversely affected” etc., etc., then the blitzkrieg can be reversed.

I would not be too concerned about the people who took part in the ceremonies as this was done very specifically, as a political stunt. My heart does go out somewhat to the homosexuals who have been conned into believing this was a good idea and have been caught up in the false hope. At least the homosexuals themselves have the excuse that their thinking is affected by their sexual conditioning. The religious atheists, who always jump at a chance to bring accusation against Christians and who have largely been driving the debate, have no such excuse. They are absolutely to blame for the cost so far. Marriage has already been adversely affected, simply by the debate. Marriage rates are down; more children are being born out of stable relationships, rates of HIV are up etc., and all of this and more ends up costing taxpayers money.

My thanks go out to those who continue the fight. Let’s hope logic and sanity can prevail. We do, however, need to address the problems of media bias as a priority before this can happen.

Fri. 4 Oct. 2013.

Open letter to Ken Wyatt, Member for Hasluck

Dear Ken Wyatt;

Hi Ken;

Congratulations on your recent re-election.

I was pleased to host one of your banners in my front yard leading up to the election, and I see you have now retrieved it. Was going to ask about that :).

I'd like to point out that a major factor in my support for yourself and the liberal party at this election, was the liberal party's position of support for the traditional legal definition of marriage. More specifically, the Labour party's position of support for a change of the legal definition of marriage, absolutely negated any chance of voting for them.

I would suggest that the Labour party's support for "same-sex marriage" was one of the factor's leading to their huge loss at this last election.

Marriage is all about the children. It's about nothing else. They are the immediate future of our (and indeed any) society, and so they are why the special relationship between a man and a woman that leads to child rearing and caring, has always been seen to need formalising and legalising within human society. The care and love for the children by their own biological mother (female) and father (male) is paramount, and children have a right to that love and care. The traditional legal definition of Marriage in Australia supports these rights for children. The health and well being of our nation depends on it.

To label an attack on and intention of removal of children's rights as "marriage equality", is frankly disgusting. It could be argued that such attacks represent the most atrocious potential "child abuse" ever seen in world history. Of course we already have perfect marriage equality. Same-sex couples in Australia are also in no way disadvantaged financially or by way of discrimination.

I do believe the majority of Australians support the traditional definition of marriage. The misdirection afforded by minority homosexual lobby groups together with the media, is not providing for or allowing an open and fair debate of the issue.

Indeed witness Paul Howes's (Labour power broker and union leader) comments a couple days ago, calling for his party to "finally disown this phony notion that we should be affording equal respect to both sides of the gay marriage debate." He's here suggesting that the honest and heart felt views and beliefs of voting Australians should be afforded no respect in public debate!

I'd like to ask the liberal party to address this situation. We need to stand up for and defend democracy, the rights we are all afforded by it, being the right of one vote each, the right to personal views and beliefs, and the right of freedom of speech.

Thanks for listening, and for your efforts and hard work.

Best regards,
Colin Wheat.

Sat. 22 Sep. 2012.

Huge WIN for Human rights & Free speech

The huge defeat this week for the same sex activist's campaign to modify the legal definition of marriage, represents a decisive win for freedom of speech in Australia, and represents a critical win for Children's human rights - of major import for countless future generations of children and parents.

Both freedom of speech on matters of sexual lifestyle and religious belief, and Children's human right to an upbringing by their biological mother and father, were under threat by changes proposed to the Marriage act by minority homosexual lobby groups.

To quote part of a message from Jim Wallace AM of the ACL, and Dr David van Gend of the AMF:

This week’s decisive votes in the Parliament of Australia defeating same-sex marriage are a huge win.

First the House of Representatives on Wednesday voted 98-42 followed by the Senate yesterday 41-26.

Of course the same-sex activists will continue to show a disregard for not only the processes and priorities of parliament, but now even the Constitution, by attempting to have this passed by a state, even though marriage is beyond their jurisdiction.

A feature of this long campaign has been the way the same sex activists have made the public square so toxic that their opinion, no matter how poorly founded, takes the preeminent place in the debate. More and more, good people have been forced out of the public square by deliberate vilifying of them.

This is a terrible comment on the state of our democracy which depends for useful public debate on diversity of views and competition of truth and fact. This will need to be restored before this topic is ever considered again.

Jim Wallace AM
Australian Christian Lobby Managing Director

Dr David van Gend
President, Australian Marriage Forum

Sat. 22 Sep. 2012.

Who can you trust?

A bill to change the definition of marriage was defeated by 98-42 in Parliament’s House of Representatives Wed 19th Sep. 2012.

The Coalition under Tony Abbott has shown great integrity in keeping its election promise to vote together against changing the Marriage Act.

Despite making the same election promise, 38 Labor MPs voted for Labor member Stephen Jones’ private members bill to change the definition of marriage.

Please support the human rights of our children - their right
to an upbringing by their biological mother and father.
The Marriage act defines the recipe for children, and family.
It provides the framework of our society.

The Marriage Act from whatismarriage on Vimeo.

Australian Christian Lobby

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